Dowsing Versus Technology

Modern technology has brought us Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) or, as some call it, Ground Imaging, which is a machine that can be rolled along the ground and can show images of possible unmarked graves, headstones and burial vaults. Interestingly, dowsing with dowsing rods can do exactly the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

My dowsing abilities to find unmarked graves was put to the test against a Ground Imaging unit from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A farmer had found some graves in his field in a cemetery near Iowa City and wanted to plow them under. The Trustees did not want this to happen, so they called me in to dowse for bodies. I found 19 graves. The matter went to court and the judge refused to accept that a man with two coat hangers, as he called the dowsing rods, could allow him to make an informed decision. A seismograph company was brought in and my wife and I were invited to the location to see how their process worked. The Ground Imaging unit found 19 bodies in the same locations I had found them through dowsing. The Ground Imaging unit cost $9,500 more than what I had charged for my dowsing services and found exactly the same thing. The judge ruled in favor of the trustees and the cemetery was allowed to remain.

I was tested again, this time through old records. I was in a cemetery near Iowa City and located the bodies of a set of twins underneath a lilac bush. There were no stone markers to indicate any burials had taken place. Those in charge of the cemetery, went back to some old record books and discovered that twins had been buried at that spot in the cemetery in the late 1800's.

Another time, in Missouri, I ran across a rather unusual situation with my dowsing rods. When I was working on determining the sex of the person in the unmarked grave, the rods indicated a female, but when I crossed back the other direction, the rods indicated male. This had me stumped momentarily. After doing a few dowsing tests, I discovered that where the rods crossed for the male was toward the chest of the female. There were two bodies in the unmarked grave - the mother had been buried with her infant son in her arms.

Dowsing with rods is extremely accurate and just two small rods, which I make myself, can determine the location of unmarked graves just as easily as a Ground Imaging machine.


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