Business References and Media Coverage

Below you will find images of letters and newspaper clippings which talk about my dowsing and the restoration work my wife and I have done for various cemeteries. As stated before, we have a huge scrapbook as well from the jobs that we have done over the years and would gladly share it with you if you would like to see more.

*Pioneer Cemeteries - Tama County, Iowa - Joyce Wiese - 641-484-2599
*Monticello, Florida - Steve Swindal - 813-334-7584
*Tlam Cemetery - Pella, Iowa - Rod Van Soelen - 641-628-2782
*Fairfield, Iowa - John Huff - 641-451-7785
*Jefferson, Iowa - Tom Lotton - 515-370-2778
*Scott Air Force Base, Illinois - Cindy Nolan - 618-256-2492
*Greensburg, Missouri - Linda Clark - 660-883-5558

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