Starting in mid-July of 2016, we are going to be offering Restoration, Mapping and Dowsing Seminars. These will be one or two day seminars with a hands-on opportunity to learn the basics of monument repair, surveying for mapping, and locating unmarked graves. These seminars are perfect for such groups as Scout Troops, 4-H Groups, any volunteer groups in the community such as church groups, fire department, etc.

The seminars are done on site at the cemetery of your choice. They will run from 9 AM to 4:30 PM for one or two days depending on what you have chosen to book and will include a lunch break. Each person in the group is responsible for providing their own lunches and beverages. As stated, these seminars are hands-on which means the members of the group will be taught to do stone restoration, cemetery mapping, and dowsing for unmarked graves. Members should dress in older clothing and comfortable shoes, paying attention to the weather as well in their clothing choices.

Prices within the State of Iowa:
     One Day Seminar - $1,250.00
     Two Day Seminar - $1,500.00

Outside of the State of Iowa, prices will vary due to traveling expenses.

For more information, please call. Due to the amount of traveling we do, it is best to contact us by phone at 641-496-5422 (home) or 641-750-0067 (cell) if you are interested in booking.

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